Barnard-Made Film to Make World-Premier in London Tonight

Tara Summers and Ujon Tokarski. Still from Major Arcana. provided.

Indie-Film Major Arcana opens at Raindance Film Festival

Major Arcana is a feature-length indie film written and directed by Josh Melrod, following the story of Dink, a derelict character who has returned home following his fathers passing to reconcile things, clean up his ways and build a small cabin. The film, written and produced in Barnard, filmed in the summer of 2016, will debut in London on September 27th at the Raindance Film Festival.  When the idea was first floated to lead actor Ujon Tokarski by Melrod, this upcoming event was just a dream. “I remember three years ago, sitting on the steps outside my house with Ujon having our first conversation about the movie, saying maybe it'll play at a big festival someday, but that idea seemed very far off” says Melrod. Now, after a lot of hard work, this far-off idea is a reality, and film star Ujon Tokarski, and producer Teo Zagar, both from Barnard, are currently in London alongside Melrod and other cast and crew for a world premier event this evening.

Dink raises the timber-frame. Still from Major Arcana. provided.

For lead actor Ujon Tokarski, this whole experience has been a trip. With past careers as teacher, housepainter and carpenter, adding acting to his plate is a new skill. He was “discovered” while painting the at director's home. Melrod, who had an idea to find an unpolished actor for the part, saw a potential in Tokarski. The part, which involves building a cabin, and chopping down trees, came naturally to this builder, ( a building crew was behind the scenes supporting in this as well) but acting, required some coaching, which Tokarski took to readily.  Watching the trailer, an outside observer would think he was a trained actor. To star alongside him in the role of his ex-girlfriend, British actress Tara Summers was brought in, who at the time was known for her work on PBS’s Mercy Street.

Locals may recognize a lot of places in the film, from Bethel Mills to the Salvage shop in White River Junction and they may recognize some of the extras and smaller supporting roles (such as local actor and comedian Colin Doyle). Knowing some of the people and places will make locals extra-excited about this film, but the fact that it was selected for a highly competitive festival shows us that this feature has universal appeal. The film has recently been accepted to make its U.S. Debut at the prestigious Austin Film Festival! 

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Stay tuned for news on their local debut. Follow the film on social media. 


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