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Worth Knowing: The fall foliage forecast is great - see where you can track the leaves

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Peak foliage in the Upper Valley is usually during the first week or so of October. The past couple of foliage seasons haven't been terribly memorable. In fact, my recollection is that last year the autumn foliage in the Upper Valley was decidedly muted - in large part due to the limited rainfall the area received, I'm told. Not so this year. It looks like this year we'll see vibrant foliage. Yay. 

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The State of NH has a pretty interactive cool foliage map that you can play with to see where and when the best colors will be. Check it out: NH Foliage Tracker Map.

Vermont has a foliage map tracker, but it's not as fun because you can't control the map. See that map: VT Foliage Map.

Housing Solutions Real Estate, an Upper Valley realtor based in Lebanon, suggests the following foliage drives:

  • Route 12A, from Claremont to West Lebanon. You’ll find four covered bridges off this scenic route, including the longest two span covered bridge in the world. This road meanders along the Connecticut River.
  • Route 31 from Newport to Washington. Classic small town beauty along this route.
  • Route 103A & 103B Lake Sunapee takes you around the Lake, and offers the view of the Lighthouse at Blodgett’s Landing, one of three on Lake Sunapee.
  • Route 103 & 11 from Newbury to New London offers lake and mountain views and, at the right time, spectacular foliage.
  • Route 10 north from West Lebanon to Hanover and into town, where the Ivy League serves as a perfect New England backdrop for all the vibrant fall color of the Upper Valley.

It's easy to keep your head down and plough through whatever it is you're supposed to be getting done. How about making yourself take a break in the next few weeks to soak up these beautiful autumnal colors? 

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