American Legion has erected a new Monument (Several new photos are included)

In place and awaiting finishing touches

To Honor those who served

The last group of the Town of Norwich men and women to be honored with a monument in recognition of the contributions and sacrifices as military veterans was for service performed during the Vietnam War (which began on August 5, 1964 and ended May 7, 1975).  

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During the forty-one years since the end of the Vietnam War, scores of Norwich men and women have served in uniform, both here at home as well as abroad--in countries and conflicts world-wide.   Their military service is broad and varied, in wartime and peacetime, on active duty as well as inactive duty in the Reserves or the National Guard.  

With the support and assistance of the Town of Norwich and Upper Valley residents and organizations, the Lyman F. Pell Post #8 will acknowledge and to pay tribute to these Post-1975 military men and women by erecting an Honor Roll Monument adjacent to Tracy Hall.

The American Legion Post # 8 formed a Monument committee on January 6, 2014 to begin the process of erecting a new monument.

Each member was assigned a specific task: Jim Harlow as Commander was the chairman. Gary De Gasta was the recording secretary for the group, keeping track of the minutes. Jack Fraser provided us with lot's of valuable information relative to the process as he was on former committees that did the Vietnam monument. Jim Maguire was the coordinator who kept in touch with the Rock of Ages company who built the monument. Demo Sofronas was tasked with reaching out to the community and getting all the data needed to properly identify a veteran. We visited Hanover High School and received some assistance in finding veterans who may have served at that time. Lyle Favreau joined out group shortly after becoming the new commander. We also worked closely with veterans groups and used the Norwich List Serve and other media to achieve our goal. We now have a monument that will be erected soon.

 The Honor Roll Monument proposal was presented to the Norwich Select Board on September 14, 2016.  The Select Board was very supportive and urged Post #8 to undertake a fund-raising campaign.  The $15,000 estimated cost of the Monument includes siting, the monument base, engraving of names plus a contingency.  Most of the money has been raised and now the monument idea is becoming a reality. There may be additional funds necessary for a maintenance contingency fund to be determined at a later date.

 photos were taken by Demo Sofronas and Gary  Degasta, Richard Neugass sent one or two also

A conceptual drawing of roughly what the monument would look like (names will be engraved)

Monument committee members Demo ,Jim, and Gary measuring for the placement of new monument

American Legion Post # 8 Commander Lyle Favreau, Gary , and Jim double checking the schematic details

Thad Goodwin using big red to get the old flagpole to cooperate

Here she comes little by little (keep on digging)

And the old base of flagpole is ready for removal along with the old pavers

Getting ready to haul it away

The Commander coming to command

And the old flag pole and paver's are gone

Removing more fill to make room for the rock base

And now to fill in for drainage and a base of operations so to speak

Thad hard at work preparing the soil

Starting to fill in the base area

Coming around the bend

Flag pole sleeve has been set

It looks like Ernie Parker and his crew were here as a Sleeve for base of monument is taking shape

Flag pole sleeve set in concrete

Starting to back fill with drainage stone

Gary with Ernie Parker,Travis Parker and Luke Waugh AKA the masons

Ernie,Travis,Luke and Demo having a lighter moment

Getting ready for the concrete

And there she goes into the form to create a masterpiece platform

Another view

What a nice concept

Really starting to take shape with monument and flag pole arriving soon

Here comes the Monument Base

Traffic control needed for this project

Calling in the big guns

Getting ready to raise it

Setting her down nice and slow

Base is in place to accept the Monument

And she is up and ready for the finishing touches

Does anybody know what we are about to do cause we are not sure

Now that's better and a good start

Hey what's in the hole (rocks I bet) David Webster checks out the find as Dad Graham, Thad Goodwin, and Ki Brown look on

OK,  Ki, You got to be a Genie to figure this out

A job like this needs a to be on the  level

A final pose if you will before the workers scatter from left Graham Webster,Ryan Johnson and Thad Goodwin

A lot of the labor has been donated by Thad Goodwin doing all the excavating and prep work and Ernie Parker  doing the cement and mason work

The crane that made it easy peasy 

They set the monuments in place with a little help from the big rig

DPW sent an Excavator , Dump truck and crew to put the finishing touch on the project

Mini Yellow just "R" rearing to go

Neil Rich from DPW grading the grounds

What cannot be done by machine is handily done by this crew

Colton Grant  and Mike Koloski

And these guys make the debris go away  Joe Robinson and Adam Moore

Hay, Is that grass growing under here?

Even a little rain to help it grow

Posts and shrubs have now been installed

And now to brighten up the night with the lights

Putting on the finishing touches

Mike Koloski, Neil Rich, and Colton Grant in front of "big yellow"

Looks nice 

Cleaning the 2 older existing monuments to prepare for the big day

A little sandblasting and some shine goes a long way

It will be beautiful again

All ready to fly the flags and dedicate the monument

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