Meet Mark Travis of Story Kitchen Creative

I became a writer the day my high school English teacher read my essay aloud in class -- the one in which I said he had a "well-defined potbelly" -- and the cheerleader sitting next to me laughed out loud. I've told a lot of stories since, and I'd be excited to tell yours too.

I honed my skills over decades as a newspaper reporter and editor. I've written two books, and in recent years helped build an Upper Valley blogging community on DailyUV while doing a little posting myself.

I'm a dad and a cancer survivor, and I know what it means to be responsible for a business, having served as the publisher of two newspapers, including the Valley News.

So what I could write for you? Stories like these:

Milkshakes and the Midnight Haircut

It’s a shock at first, the hospital -- you lie on a bed that has a mind of its own, undulating beneath you to prevent bedsores ... on the nurses at Dartmouth Hitchcock, from my blog on living with cancer, We Meet Again

Good Cheap Eats: breakfast at the Blue Sparrow!

I'm a big fan of breakfast out, because (a) what a great way to start the day and (b) it's cheaper than buying lunch or dinner ... on a new Norwich cafe with a lively vibe, for the blog Upper Valley Food

Looking for a Lovely Old Home Bargain? Drive to Haverhill. It's Not That Far, People!

For a decade Ted and Kathy Schiffman poured their hearts, time and money into their 1775 dream home. Now it's time to sell, they've cut their price so deeply they're bleeding -- and they can't find a buyer ... for the Upper Valley real estate blog Going Up

The Great Woodstock Jail Break

It began with a bedsheet lowered from the jailhouse window. It climaxed with the shooting of a Hartford lawman. It ended with a massive manhunt leading to the recapture of a father and son originally jailed for poaching a deer ... for the Woodstock History Center

Beaver Meadow traffic delays: better get used to them

After a listerv gripe that compared waiting for timed lights on a quiet Norwich road to a tollbooth in the desert, I called Town Manager Herb Durfee to get the lowdown ... for the blog The Lowdown


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Curious about my books? I co-wrote My Brave Boys, a history of a New Hampshire Civil War regiment, and then tried my hand at fiction with Pliney Fiske, a Civil War mystery.


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