Worth Knowing: Pick your own flowers for $10 a pound at Riverview Farm

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At Riverview Farm in Plainfield you can pick your own flowers for $10 a pound. There's a startling array of colors and types of flowers in the long rows that sit patiently in front of the farm's corn field and maze: strawflowers in red, gold, white and pink; globe amaranth in bright purple, pink and red; statice in white, purple and yellow; celosia brain flowers (also known as cockscomb) in crimson; salvia in various pink, purple and white hues; and many others.

You can also buy heavy-headed sunflowers for $1 each. 

Just about all of the flowers are as good for drying as they are for fresh bouquets. 

And while you're there, pick a pint or two of golden raspberries.

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Bring your own shears or borrow theirs. 

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