Windsor woman charged again with possession of bath salts while waiting to begin a sentence for bath salts

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - In between her conviction earlier this summer for selling bath salts and what was supposed to have been the start of her six-month sentence under house arrest for that felony, a Windsor woman has picked up new charges.

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    Chasity Forman, 42, of Windsor pleaded innocent earlier this month to misdemeanor counts of possession of bath salts, resisting arrest and violation of a court-ordered condition of release.  Forman was then re-released on pre-trial conditions.

    Forman had struck a plea deal at the end of June in which she pled guilty to a single felony count of possession of bath salts, which is the common nickname for the class of narcotics containing cathinone derived stimulants.  

    In exchange for that guilty plea, two similar felony charges were dropped along with misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and narcotics possession after which Forman received a 2-to-3 year sentence with all but six-months of that time suspended.

Chasity Forman, 42, is now facing additional charges while the Corrections Department considers how to sentence her

    Forman was slated to serve those six months under “24 hour lockdown” home confinement but that plan stalled in mid-July when the Department of Corrections declined to approve her residence since she was involved in eviction proceedings.

    Just a couple of days later Windsor Police Sgt. Jonathan Adams responded to the Rite Aid parking lot on Main Street for a report of suspicious activity and stopped a pickup truck being driven by Jake Sweeney in which Forman was one of two female passengers.

    Sgt. Adams said that, after spotting what appeared to be a ‘stamp bag’ for an illicit drug on the floor of the vehicle, he and Windsor Police Chief William Sampson zeroed in on a backpack and purse.  

    Adams said that Forman denied that it was her purse but he said it contained a lanyard with one of her children’s names on it and the backpack contained a letter to Forman from her defense attorney’s law firm.

    In an affidavit filed with the court Sgt. Adams wrote that the blue backpack contained glass smoking pipes, butane lighters, more stamp bags and two small rubber containers that appeared to contain trace amounts of bath salts.  He said inside the purse he found “more smoking paraphernalia including glass pipes, metal scrapper tools, a digital scale with white powdery residue, four small containers–two of which contained suspected bath salts, seven butane lighters, a pink iPhone and $70 in cash.”

    Adams said when he went to arrest Forman she initially tried to push him away but she was quickly handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser.

    “While driving to the police department Forman told me the blue backpack was hers but the purse was not,” Sgt. Adams recalled, “She further stated that, although the purse was not hers, the iPhone and the $70 dollars inside of it was hers and she would like those items returned.  I found that statement highly unusual–that she knew the amount of money and owned the phone inside of purse that she stated was not hers,” Adams noted in his report.

    Sgt. Adams wrote that when Forman was in the process of being fingerprinted at the police station she allegedly made the comment “I’m not going to have anything to smoke now when I get home.”

    The case for which Forman has already been convicted this year began on January 10th when police executed a search warrant on Court Street.  Windsor officers said they were let into the apartment by Heather Lord who allegedly claimed that Forman wasn’t there that day; however, police quickly located Forman hiding in a bathroom and, according to their affidavit, found over 8 grams of bath salts and $850 in cash stuffed into a boot she was wearing.

    Lord was being sought this past week by authorities in Vermont on a $25,000 warrant out of New Hampshire charging her as a fugitive from justice from the Granite State.

Heather Lord, 36, is being sought by New Hampshire authorities as a fugitive from their state

    Forman had previously been convicted back in 2016 of possession of bath salts and of attempting to smuggle drugs into a correctional facility following an investigation by Hartford Police that began with a routine traffic stop in White River Junction in May of 2015.  After noticing drug-related items inside a car that had been pulled over for a minor motor vehicle violation, police ended up seizing the vehicle and eventually searching a nearby motel room where Forman was staying with her boyfriend at the time and a 10-year-old girl.  While executing the search warrant police turned up over a pound of bath salts as well as “a large amount of cash, scales, several plastic baggies, paraphernalia and used bags containing heroin residue,” according to the police report.

    As Forman was being booked into the Springfield jail later that evening Correctional officers reported that they found an additional gram of bath salts hidden on her person.  

    Forman reached a plea deal on those cases a year later and was given a two-year sentence at the time.

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