UPDATE: Use Sidewalk Reserves To Repay State?

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At its last meeting, the Selectboard, without a vote, dropped the proposal to use sidewalk reserve funds to repay the State nearly $66,000. See Agenda Item: Use Sidewalk Reserves To Repay State. The request seemed premature as the Selectboard, on August 22, wrote to the Project Manager at the Vermont Agency of Transportation proposing two alternatives to immediate repayment to VTrans.

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The first was to credit against the $66,000 any amounts the Town expended on traffic calming measures on Church Street. The second was to repay the money over the next three fiscal years. Town Manager Herb Durfee was not optimistic about getting a favorable reply, saying the signed agreement was clear. Selectboard Chair John Pepper thought it worth asking. Both may be right. 

Do any dailyUV readers have experience with the State or VTrans regarding the repayment of grant monies? Will the State play hardball and promptly offset the $66,000 against tax receipts owed Norwich? Or, is it worth working through the chain of command at the Vermont Agency of Transportation? Is there a downside to asking for relief, such as not getting future grants if the Town is seen as a welsher?

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POSTED: 09.16.2018 


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