Worth Knowing: Mike's Store & Deli in Hartland sold to Jake's Deli

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Mike’s Store & Deli, a fixture in Hartland for more than 2 decades, has been sold to Jake’s Deli, a company owning multiple convenience/deli/gas station stores in the Upper Valley. 

Mike Pierce opened Mike’s Store & Deli in 1997. It began as a convenience store with just 3 employees, but Pierce was soon serving patrons sandwiches and other meals. Pretty soon Pierce had more than 20 employees. Mike’s Deli has a cult-like following, and customers swear by the fresh, homemade food (especially the pulled pork and wings) and the wide selection of craft beers and local Vermont products found in the store. 

Mike Pierce, "Bossman"

Pierce will stay on at Mike’s Deli through the end of the year. He's happy he was able to transfer the local business he created and nurtured to another local, community-based company, and he hopes that many of the current employees will remain working there when Jake's Deli takes the reins. 

Mike Pierce with employees in 2018

Jake’s Deli is owned by Bruce Bergeron. To read about Jake’s Deli and its presence in the Upper Valley, see DailyUV Post on Jake's Deli.

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