Goodbye to Hood Downtown

Parting really is such sweet sorrow. Two years ago, the Hood Museum of Art closed its doors for a major renovation, and opened the Hood Downtown on Hanover's main street. We were promised exciting exhibitions of top flight international contemporary art. The Hood more than delivered.

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Upper Valley folks gathered last night to say goodbye to the Hood Downtown and to learn more about the new and improved Hood Museum, scheduled to reopen on January 26, 2019. Before we leap into the future (which I will do in another post), this is a fond farewell and a look back at some favorite Hood Downtown exhibitions.

The Hood Downtown's very first exhibition was Laetitia Soulier's "The Fractal Architectures." At the time, I described it as "sumptuous in look with intellectual heft."

The Matryoshka Dolls 2 by Laëtitia Soulier

Could the sophomore exhibition compete? It could and did. Behar Behbahani's "Let the Garden Eram Flourish" schooled us in the centrality of the garden in Iranian culture, seen through a political lens.

Julie Blackmon produced and showed spectacular, disturbing photography in “Scary Home,” even as she challenged what photography really is in the era of Photoshop. She raised some pretty interesting questions about family too.

Artist Julie Blackmon

Chaise by Julie Blackmon

Open your ears! “Resonant Spaces: Sound Art at Dartmouth” proved that sound--all kinds of sound--could provide as challenging and satisfying an artistic encounter as a gallery filled with abstract paintings.

Bill Fontana’s MicroSoundings

Jacob Kierkegaard, collecting sounds for his work, Transmission

Ceramics. Who could have guessed this marriage of tradition and modernity? "Past Forward" by Sin-ying Ho brought porcelain creations of human proportions and smaller, weirdly twisted works incorporating icons like Warhol's Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon.

Detail of Made in the Postmodern Era Series No. 1 by Sin-yang Ho

Sweet adieu, Hood Downtown! The Upper Valley is very grateful.


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