Gaslighting Abuse

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In all forms it is Unacceptable

Not one day of my life do I find relief from this type of abuse. The escape is one step, then the real trauma of Gaslighting gathers and creeps into every dark form........and those whom support the Gaslighter's......well there is a secret place in the consciousness never to be reveled as perpetrators' because they are as well being either a gaslighter or the victim of one...being gaslighted in a public form with no ability to find recourse put's one in a shameless projection....there is no way out nor around those whom place their own insecurities upon another.....it is so slight in it's demise of another not too many can wrap their heart's nor mind's around it and for those who can not I preclude you from all that is fine and good.....for you must have a pure heart.......

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I beg of you all to copy and paste so to help those you love and those you might help.....   



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