Worth Knowing: You could go on a hawk walk on Gile Mountain this Saturday morning

Submitted 2 months ago

Twice each year, Broad-winged hawks abandon their isolationist tendencies as they congregate along shared migratory paths. The mid-September peak of the fall migration can bring together enormous numbers of the hawks - the Putney Mountain Hawkwatch counted over three thousand on their biggest day in 2017.

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To celebrate fall migration, the Valley Quest program of Vital Communities is hosting a Hawk Walk on Gile Mountain on Saturday, September 15. Meet at 10am by Huntley Meadows on Turnpike Road to carpool up to the trailhead. From there, the group follow the Gile Mountain Hawk and Haiku Quest up the mountain, and with luck will get to see kettles of Broad-winged hawks.

Join Valley Quest under clouds of birds of prey to celebrate the fall migration! Bring your binoculars and iNaturalist! Contact ben@vitalcommunities.org for more info.

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