Worth Knowing: New Lemon Tree shop to open by the end of the month

Melissa Haas, the owner of Lemon Tree Gifts in Hanover, thought she'd be in her new second location by now. That was the plan anyway. But sometimes getting a new undertaking off the ground takes more time than you initially think. Especially when the undertaking is huge. And the new space in the Powerhouse Mall is just that - huge. 

Haas and her husband opened the first Lemon Tree Gifts shop in Hanover in 2012. They later moved to the space vacated by College Supplies. And then they signed a lease for a second location in West Lebanon.  The Powerhouse location has 3,200 square feet and consists of the space once occupied by InfuseMe (read recent post), Artifactory and Feetniks. Three stores!  

Haas said that getting additional employees lined up to cover both locations has been enormously challenging. Like other Upper Valley employers, Haas found it very difficult to hire the kind of people she wanted. It has all come together now, and Haas actually hired a new manager yesterday.

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So when will the new location open? By the end of the month, Haas insists. She'd originally hoped to open in August, but that proved impossible. Is she excited? Most definitely yes. She described the next step as "one big, grand experiment."

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