Worth Knowing: Steve's Pet Shoppe re-opens in new space on Hanover Street in Lebanon

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Steve's Pet Shoppe has moved from Mechanic Street to Hanover Street in Lebanon into the space formerly occupied by Lebanon Brew Shop. 

Former location on Mechanic Street

Steve's Pet Shoppe started out with a location On the Mall in Lebanon. It then moved to 90 Hanover Street and then to 55 Mechanic Street. The store re-opened at 90 Hanover Street on Friday, November 30.  

Inside the new store

Steve's Pet Shoppe sells all sorts of pet supplies as well as puppies, kittens, birds, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits and a variety of other small pets. 

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The new space provides the store with the advantage of a parking lot right in front, as well as more space to organize its plethora of pet offerings. The last thing that needs to be put together is the series of fish tanks along the left wall as you walk in. 

The new store was packed with people over the last weekend who came to snuggle the litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies that had recently arrived. As of Tuesday, there was only one puppy left. The store is expecting a litter of kittens next week and possibly more puppies just after that. Wouldn't someone in your family just die a little bundle of love like that?

This puppy may still be there . . .

Stop by and see the new store! It sure is a lot easier to park now than it was at the former Mechanic Street location.

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