MCS Needs New Wastewater System

Photo of Marion Cross School with overlay showing approximate location of wastewater system. Source: School Board packet.

The leach field on the Green serving Marion Cross School needs replacement. That is a big project. The Norwich School Board heard about three conceptual options at its meeting on September 5th. The State is prodding MCS to do the work and the Board hopes to have a plan in place by the start of the next school year, if not sooner. 

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The three options outlined in a letter from Pathways Consulting are: replace the leach field at its current location, move it to the Town-owned Peisch property that abuts school property, or connect with the Hartford sewer system.

Estimated 'hard' costs for the three options range are $275,000, $375,000 and $1,720,000. Those amounts do not reflect total long-term costs. For example, using the existing site might mean a "10 year cycle of repair." The expense of the sewer connection could be offset by getting others to join the project, such as King Arthur Flour, and by government grants. One School Board observed that the cost over 50 years may be more important than the initial costs. 
There was no discussion of the property tax ramifications of the project. All three choices remain on the table. Two members of the Board, along with SAU 70 staff will look into the matter further and update the School Board at its October meeting. 
POSTED: 09.09.2018 

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