Transitional Home Design May Solve Your Decorating Woes

The challenge with interior decorating is not simply discovering a style you like but finding a style that harmonizes with your house, your spouse, and your life. Transitional design can solve a number of these decorating conundrums.

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You should consider transitional design if:  

        · Your home’s original style clashes with your personal style. The Upper Valley faces a housing shortage, and as a result, many recent home buyers have settled for houses that do not fit their styling preferences.

        · You are seeking a comfortable contemporary style. To you, the spare lines of modernism are too harsh but an overstuffed sofa seems too casual.

        · You have an evolving sense of style but want a few well-made investment pieces that will harmonize with your changing tastes.

        · Your partner prefers contemporary home design while you prefer a traditional approach.

Transitional design offers a compromise for each of these decorating difficulties because it blends traditional and modern elements. Beloved as a classic, traditional style emphasizes symmetry and comfort, but this style may feel dated or a dull. Meanwhile, modern design seeks inspiration from mid-century modernism and Art Deco. Simple lines characterize this style. Some adore modern design’s simplicity and shapeliness, while others find it cool and unwelcoming.

Bridging the two, transitional furniture features a simple silhouette with a few precise details. Less spare than mid-century modern furniture, transitional furniture is sleeker than traditional furniture. Influences from Scandinavian, Shaker, and Japanese design infuse the furniture with a crisp, light feeling. A transitional sofa may curve softly, or a bed frame may feature geometrical squares. Thus, transitional furniture appears equally at home next to a modern lamp or an antique bed stand. While offering a middle ground for differing aesthetics, transitional furniture remains thoroughly elegant in itself. Compromise has never been so comely.


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