Worth Knowing: Get to every farmers' market you can before they close . . .

Fresh mini-baguettes with salmon, cream cheese and dill at Norwich Farmers' Market

The prepared food these days at Upper Valley farmers' markets is crazy-delicious good. I'm not writing to talk about the beautiful sun-kissed tomatoes or the unique local artisan crafts available at Upper Valley farmers' markets. I'm writing to talk about the myriad different kinds of prepared foods. You've never had access to the variety and quality of prepared foods that you can find now at our Upper Valley farmers' markets.

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You can eat Thai. 

Yao's Thai food at Lebanon Farmers' Market

You can eat adapted Congolese. 

SamosaMan samosas at Hanover Farmer' 'Market

You can eat Italian. 

Marie's Italian fare at Lebanon Farmers' Market

You can eat Bavarian. 

Bavarian pretzels at Lebanon Farmers' Market

You can eat meat pies. 

Umpleby's curried chicken pies at Norwich Farmers' Market

You can eat vegetable salads and grain and vegetable salads. 

Salubre's fresh salads complement its burrito and pastry offerings

You can eat freshly baked pastries and breads filled with the summer's bounty. 

Catherine's food art at Lebanon Farmers' Market 

Naga House spinach and feta-stuffed bread at Lebanon Farmers' Market

You can eat freshly cooked tarts, muffins, cupcakes and cookies. 

Catherine's at Lebanon Farmers' Market

Or you can eat my new favorite vegetable - the shishito pepper. 

Shishito peppers cooked with olive oil and salt

Fresh shishito peppers at the South Royalton Farmers' Market

There is just so much great food out there waiting for you! 

The sad news is that there are only so many outdoor farmers' markets left this summer. Most farmers' markets close at the end of September. So make sure you get out there to eat at as many farmers' markets as you can while you still can. Here's a partial listing of Upper Valley Farmers' Market weekly schedule:

  • Hanover Farmers' Market (NH) – Wednesday 3-6
  • Lebanon Farmers Market (NH) – Thursday 4-7
  • Barnard Farmers Market (VT) –  Thursday 4:30-7:30
  • South Royalton Farmers Market (VT) – Thursday 3-6
  • Chelsea Farmers Market (VT) – Friday 3-6
  • Hartland Farmers Market (VT) – Friday 4-7
  • Bellows Falls Farmers Market (VT) – Friday 3-7
  • Norwich Farmers Market (VT) – Saturday 9-1 
  • Windsor Farmers Market (VT) – Saturday 11-2
  • Canaan Farmers Market (NH) – Sunday 10-1
  • Randolph Farmers Market (VT) - Saturday 9-1
  • Springfield Farmers Market (VT) - Saturday 10-1
  • Woodstock Farmers Market (VT) - Saturday 9:30-12:30
  • Claremont Farmers Market (NH) - Thursday 4-7 

South Royalton Farmers' Market

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