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Every Friday you'll have the opportunity to peek inside the mind of one of our local health & wellness experts. They'll share with you their advice, suggestions, wisdom and answer their most popular question from clients.

This week let's get to know our local health & wellness expert Marie Stone. Marie is an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner and the owner of Pathfinder Energy Works in Springfield, Vermont

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Tell us about yourself and why you chose to go into a health field?

I’ve been interested in alternative healing modalities for many years. As I have grown older and become more aware of what my life's work was meant to be, I decided to delve into energy healing.

What makes you unique in your field?

What makes me unique in my field (though not TOO unique) is that I combine clairvoyance and clairsentience with my energy healing work.  I can often glean information from my clients body or their energy field that can help them heal even more deeply, or sometimes they just get a message from spirit that is helpful to them in general.

What question do your clients ask most frequently and how do you answer them?

The question I get most often is “What is an energy healing session like?”  My reply is simple. Energy healing can take place fully clothed, lying down or sitting in a relaxed position.  Depending on the modality, I can use hands on or hands hovering positions, usually beginning at the crown of the head and moving down through the neck, shoulders, torso, hips, lower back, and then on to the knees and feet.  Most of my clients will nap on the table which is fine, others will chat about what they are seeing/hearing/feeling/experiencing during the session.

What do you see as the greatest health risk posed to this generation?

I think that the greatest health risk posed to the generations in general is lack of intuitive eating and movement….being out of touch with all of the layers of our being, from physical to emotional and spiritual.

What’s the best health/fitness/wellness advice you ever received?

The best fitness advice I ever received was to just move, and not expect or demand perfection.  Move in a way that feels good to you, even if that means that todays movement doesn't feel good tomorrow etc.

Do you have a success story of redeemed health you’d like to share?

I have a client who came to my table so tense and so closed to energy healing that it took not only some extra time, but some extra gentle smoothing and balancing techniques to bring her to a place where her body would accept the healing energy.  After her session I continued to hear tales of improved sleep, less anxiety and a general improvement in her feeling of wellness.

What is your favorite area of wellness to practice?

I love meditation,and admittedly I do not do as much of as I would like, so I like to be as mindful as possible, as much and as often as possible.

What are you passionate about, besides your professional life?

I am passionate about the fact that we can heal this planet with love.

What’s your favorite quote or mantra?

This may not be a quote or mantra, but I often find myself telling my clients to be gentle with themselves as they learn and grow and heal into the person they were meant to become.  We are always in such a rush, and in such competition to do the best and to get there the fastest...instead of taking the time and the tolerance to understand why we feel what we do, how we can shift it, and how we can use our enlightened state to improve ourselves and the world around us.

What’s one book you recommend everyone should read?

Just one?  My intuition is telling me to share The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks with your readers today. It will blow your mind.

What one suggestion would you make that would have the greatest impact for improved health?

S L O W. D O W N. Pay attention. Drop into your gut and take a survey if you will, of how your food is making you feel.  Listen to your body and you might just be surprised to learn that the feelings you are having about that difficult work situation can manifest as left side shoulder or rib pain…

How can people learn more about you?

I can be found on Facebook @ Pathfinder Energy Works. I can be reached at or you can text/call me at (802)591-1597

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