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Hazy days of summer ( A Photo Essay )

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Typical scenes in the Upper valley

These photos were taken by me over a period of a few days. They were taken to show just some of the  scenes that one would find here in the Upper Valley this time of year. I started my journey in Norwich, making a few stops along the way and in my opinion I was very pleased to see the beauty that we have here in the Upper Valley.  Enjoy the photos. Beauty comes in many forms.  This is also my opinion only. I may be adding some more photos so stay tuned.

Getting it ready for packaging

It is all in the design

Fresh cut and drying out in the field

Another view

Even the equipment has to rest and get out of the hot sun

I wonder if any marriages are performed here

The finished product minus the hay

A nice arrangement

Is it time to droop yet ?  Almost

pretty snazzy

I think you can guess where this beautiful garden is

A Bees-y day at the Marion Cross School Pollinator station

Zinnias and company on Church Street and Patriotic too!

And the leaves are starting to turn colors

See the USA in a Chevrolet (my mode of transportation for part of my trip)

Just a small Hydrangea bush

It's almost pumpkin time or should I say fall

Now that's a good supply of pumpkins

Oh ! and there are Eggs also (sunny side up or scrambled ?)

Hee ! Haw !

I guess you could also call this the lazy days of summer

Wake up you guys! It's tourist season

Don't forget us!

Very colorful and neatly arranged

Mum's the word

A peaceful moment

Wagon's Ho! to the Plant pantry we go!

I 'll take the green one with the yellow seat

Oops! looks like we missed one

A sign of the times

Whats that?

Pumpkin patch highway

And the road goes that away!

Look's like "About Norwich" needs to get back to Norwich (it's almost crossing guard time)

Oh but there is always time for candy!

Quite a story

About Norwich thanks you for taking the time to view this Photo essay

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