Turn, Turn, Turn: On the Cusp of Two Seasons

Well friends, Labor Day Weekend has come and gone. It was a consolation prize for those of you who started school last week, and the unofficial cutoff for “summer things” for most of us. For me, it brought the end of the white clothes, the last trip to the beach, and the final gin and tonic. I’m moving on to deep oranges and blues, trips to the pick-your-own orchard, and apple cider (both hard and soft).

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Especially because I'm looking at the end of my hiatus from cancer treatment as fall approaches, I’d like to take a moment this week to savor one last time and then bid farewell to a few of my favorite simple pleasures of summer life here in the Upper Valley.

  • After yet another blind date, running into some of my favorite people while grabbing a creemee at Villagers in Weathersfield. It was so refreshing to dive deep into familiar topics with tried and true friends after having the same “first date” conversation for the hundredth time.
  • Balmy summer evenings spent sitting in the bleachers of a Nighthawks game. Eating Mac’s Maple popcorn; watching my kid dawn the mascot costume and laughing at the little kids hanging on his wings and trying to guess who it was behind that mask; holding my pen and journal just in case inspiration struck

My boys

  • Walking the doggos down to Kennedy Pond for an evening dip, loving that I live close to such a small town treasure. Especially when I watched a dad load his kids into their wagon after splashing around in the water and then heard them call out “good night watah!” as he rolled them up the hill towards home

Moxie (mine) and Polly (the Temp) frolicking in the evening light at Kennedy Pond

  • Y’all know about my chai latte habit, enabled by Karen at Boston Dreams. In the summer, she makes it iced and it’s perfect.
  • When the first course of dinner looks like this: 
  • Freshly picked berries
  • That singular feeling of refreshment that comes from the combination of air conditioning, Coke, popcorn, and mindless entertainment inside Springfield Cinemas 3 on a sweltering day
  • Sitting around with friends during one family's annual Labor Day cookout, listening to them joke about the blog and smiling because you're composing one in your head even as they're cracking you up with their zany ideas. And knowing that you'd never get through a single day of any season without them.

Then again, there are some things that I’m looking forward to in the fall – a few very special things that are just as idyllic as their summer counterparts:

  • Like, while I know they’ve been serving cider donuts at Wellwood for a few weeks now, I’ve refused to buy them until now. Moving into fall makes me a little sad, and donuts, as my loyal readers know, make me very happy. So I save cider donuts to serve as a salve for the losses of summer. Like my gin and tonics, I don’t let them overlap the seasons.
  • Giant flannel shirts and the opportunity to hide this increasingly unrecognizable cancer body under comfy, pretty, bulky layers
  • Apples. All of the apples
  • The sound of the leaves crunching under you feet or your bicycle tires
  • Watching the Yellow Jackets “bleed green” on their home field at the base of Mt. Ascutney as it turns deeper shades of yellow and orange with each passing week. It truly is the most stunning field to watch a football game.
  • That thing where you don’t have to run from the building to the car to avoid the crazy heat and you don’t burn the backs of your knees on the scorching black leather of the driver’s seat!

Okay. I've consoled myself and psyched myself up. Mother Nature, the ball is now in your court. If you could drop your daytime temp about 15 degrees, I'd be ever so grateful. 

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