LIVE Music in the Upper Valley!

LIVE Music,Thursday,9.6.18

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Where should I head to hear LIVE music?

Today seems to be the lull before the storm of LIVE music coming up this weekend! Tomorrow is First Friday in White River Junction and the place will be hopping with LIVE music from end to end. Saturday and Sunday are Glory Days in WRJ. Again there will be constant LIVE musical treats all day! And I didn’t even mention the LIVE music outside of WRJ!!! 

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Today Windsor Station hosts Sensible Shoes startingbay 7:00. 

Payton Place in Orford, NH hasvTed Mortimer, Katie Runde, and Ben Green playing from 6-9. 

Common Man in Claremont hosts Jim Yeager with John Foster  tonight beginning at 6:00. 

Stay tuned for the weekend events!!! 


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