Blind Cinema: Got A Storyteller At Home?

Picture yourself sitting in front of a movie screen, blindfolded. No sound but a voice in your ear, describing the action on screen. Adults listen, and children narrate. Sound peculiar? Maybe. The Upper Valley is intrigued. Blind Cinema is already a sold-out event for audience members at the Hop on Sunday, September 30.  A few more young narrators are what is needed. 

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Here’s the word from the Hopkins Center, with contact information about how to enroll your child. There is no fee for your child’s participation. Click on the link to the Hop website at the end of this post for a short video of the experience, (which is fun to see/hear whether you have an interested child or not.) 

Hopkins Center Seeks Children aged 9-12 to participate as narrators for Blind Cinema
The Hopkins Center is currently seeking children, aged 9-12 years old, to participate as narrators in Blind Cinema—an innovative film project created by European filmmaker, Britt Hatzius, that explores the connection between sight, sound, perception and narrative.  Youth participants will receive training in narration skills in advance of the screening, and will use these skills to narrate their perception of a silent film to the blindfolded, adult audience members sitting in front of them.  This collaboration between speaking child and listening adult creates a unique and memorable theatrical experience.
Youth participation in Blind Cinema is offered free of charge. To participate, children must commit to attending a two-hour training on Saturday, Sept 29 as well as the two-and one-half-hour rehearsal and performance on Sunday, September 30.   Please enroll by September 15th.

For more details, to see a video of a past Blind Cinema experience, and to ENROLL, visit the Hopkins Center website:   If you have any additional questions, please contact the Hopkins Center Coordinator for Blind Cinema Katie Kitchel, at
(Photo, top, by Britt Hatzius. Photo, center, by Maria Baranova, both courtesy of the Hopkins Center).

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