And the saga heads east

On their way to Maine

The Tale of the two "Gs" continues

I have decided to do this as a separate story so as not to confuse the two stories with the two "Gs". Please take a moment to read the original story and then you will know the rest of the story sort of speak.

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Here is the link to the original Tale of Two "G s" story. 

Here is an e-mail that I received from Gutcheck aka Harvey Freeman this morning.

I got your email.  We have made through most of Maine.  We are about 120 from the finish.  We hope to finish by 9/13.Hope you are doing well!  I loved the article by the way!

And now you can see for yourself the progress that they have made:

Enjoy the photos that were taken by Gutcheck and sent with his e-mail this morning.

Smiling as usual (looks like the sun is in her eyes)

Will they make it to Maine by September 15

Gutcheck checking it out

Oh my gosh they are almost there

I know they will make it as they are determined and inspired by the many readers who have read  about their adventures .


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