WRJ Planning Session TONIGHT

Submitted 2 months ago
Created by
Anita Hamalainen

Walking our boys to the White River School by the abandoned bank at the corner of Maple Street and Pine Street has become rather exciting. Will the stroller fit on the sidewalk or will it (and the baby!) get eaten up by the overgrown "landscaping" slowly devouring the prominent corner lot?

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Such a prime piece of downtown real estate sitting vacant as Mother Nature stakes her claim! I've got to hand it to her, she doesn't waste time.

I'd love to see this building transform into a Rec Center for community programming, like the Richard W. Black Community Center in Hanover. Or maybe relocate the Hartford Village Library closer to downtown? There's no good spot in WRJ to pop in for some free A/C in the summer, free heat in the winter, or a sip of water, without spending money. In a pinch our beautiful Town Hall will suffice, but I envision a space like the Kilton Library across the bridge in West Leb, which is in constant use by those reading, surfing, relaxing. It's the heart of West Leb Main Street. We need a similar resource on the west side of the river, and this big lonely brick building is beckoning.

If you have an idea for this building or for the surrounding Pine Street and Maple Street area, there's a Planning Session TONIGHT (September 5th) from 6:30 to 8:30 at the most beautiful Town Hall in the Upper Valley.


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