Systema - Russian Health and Martial Art
Ended December 11
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December 11
Price:  November 6 Introduction is free, $75 for 5-part class starting November 13, or $18 drop in

Systema is an ancient Russian Health practice, martial art and system of human transformation. This class with introduce participants to the Slavic health tradition, and its unique approach to cultivating freedom of movement, breathing, posture, tension and psyche - with a special emphasis on freedom in conditions of external stress or conflict. Each class will include individual exercises with emphasis on conscious movement as well as dynamic partner work.

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While Systema offers its own complete system of practice, it can also be applied to complement and improve performance in any body practice, including yoga, weight training, endurance sports, and manual labor. Beginners are welcome, and experienced practitioners of other body arts are warmly invited to explore this unique Russian approach to training. Learn more at:

Mark Kutolowski has spent a lifetime exploring natural movement, health and bodily disciplines. Mark is a certified Systema instructor and has trained with Systema master Vladimir Vasiliev since 2008. Mark also works as a professional wilderness guide, and has a special interest in the integration of somatic training with our relationship with the natural world.

For questions or to register, email Mark at


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