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Worth Knowing: Hartford decides to apply for $1M grant to support The Village

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The Hartford Selectboard voted last week to apply for a $1 million grant that, if awarded, will be loaned to The Village at White River Junction, the brand new assisted living and memory care facility that's opening soon. The funds will come from the Vermont Community Development Block Grant program. Before Hartford loans The Village any funds from the grant, the two parties will need to reach repayment terms. And when the loan is repaid, Hartford will be eligible permitted to keep 50 percent for use in assisting other development projects. 

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For it part, The Village will use the loan to provide cash flow as it fills up the Facility with residents and hires 60 people. The Village has already received roughly a dozen deposits from future residents. The Village hopes to begin operating in October. 

Some residents were opposed to the Town applying for the grant money. People have raised concerns about The Village creating low-paying positions and more vehicular traffic in what is becoming a crowded downtown. If you have an opinion on whether Hartford should be seeking grant money to support The Village as it gets up and running - whether pro or con, please leave a comment below this post.

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