Do My Eyes Deceive Me? SculptureFest and LandARTLab 2018

Submitted 5 months ago
Created by
Susan B. Apel

Where you stand will literally determine what you see. Take a look at this sculpture by Robert Hitzig. Didn’t it just say  . . . I must have misread . . . I am having another of those “wait, what?” moments.

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You can trust your eyes here. What changed was my location. Stand to one side of “The Greatest” and you get one message. Move laterally across the sculpture and look again. Same sculpture, different vantage point. Photo below. 

SculptureFest 2018 and its sister LandARTLab (two sites connected by a footpath) are currently on exhibition on Prosper Road and at the King Farm in Woodstock VT. Admission is free. 


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