How I spent part of my Saturday morning.

Here's looking at you, carb.

Small engine repair time!

These days we live such in a throwaway society, don't we?

Phone not cool enough? Chuck it and upgrade.

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Stovetop cracked? Chuck it and get a new one.

Sofa dirty? Chuck it and get a new one.

But not me, at least, not this last month. I'm no saint, that's fer sher, but I have been trying to fix things rather than just Chuck 'em. About 6 weeks ago or so we noticed that our flat-top stove was cracked. We looked online for a replacement stove (ours is about 13 years old, maybe more?). Similar models were going for around half a grand. Lemme just say that we don't have that kinda cash lying around, so we looked for a replacement part and found one that could be delivered in a few days. BOOM! It arrived, and my wife and I swapped it out in about an hour. I spent way too much time looking for tools, but all in all the project was fairly easy and we managed to save several hundred dollars! Not to mention (?) we kept a stove out of the landfill. Bonus.

Next up? Lawnmower was kinda crapping out on us, chugging, running rough, etc. My wife replaced the spark plug, but it was having a tough time staying running. Tough to mow lawns that way. A trip to Charlie Brown's on Rte 4 for a new air filter gleaned some tips about checking the bowl under the carburetor for water.

This morning I set about to investigate the engine trouble. I hadn't torn apart an engine in about 25 years, but it all came back to me, and soon I had most of it apart. Cleaned it all up, drained the bowl, the tank, gas line, and cleaned up the carb. Sharpened the blade since it was off before I put it back together, and crossed my fingers that it worked. It did!!!

Later, after my wife used it, she said it ran like new!!! Bonus!

I don't tell these stories to impress you, but to impress UPON you that sometimes it just takes a little bit of faith in yourself, the willingness to take a risk, and some time on a Saturday morning to move away from a throwaway mentality and into a let's fix stuff mentality.

So much better than spending the money, and our landfills will be happier, too.

Peace, yo.


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