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Mark Travis

I took an archaeology class once and unearthed a house key that someone dropped on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's garden path sometime in the nineteenth century. It's not exactly Indiana Jones, but it was plenty exciting to me. 

If you attend Archaeology Day at the Montshire Museum of Science on Sept. 29, perhaps you'll come away with your own sense of that excitement.

Here's the pitch from the museum:

Archaeology Day will delve into questions that connect science with the familiar:

- How did Vermonters live in the past?
- What tools did Vermonters make and how did they make them?
- What’s happened in Vermont during the last 12,900 years, and how do we know?
- Do archaeologists really raid tombs and dodge runaway boulders, like they do in the movies?

Archaeology Day activities will allow you to:

- Examine real artifacts at the Science Discovery Lab
- Be your own history detective at a site clues simulation
- Get your hands messy at the pottery workshop
- Watch stone tool and pottery making demonstrations
- Throw an atlatl (or find out what it is)
- Talk to real local archaeologists

The event listing on Facebook prompted an intriguing comment, too: "I'm wondering whether you are partnering with any local Abenaki folks so that the connection between this ancient past and current cultural practices can be represented by descendants of those ancestors."

The museum's response: We'll check, but please help us make that connection. If you can, email Rebecca Haynes (Rebecca.haynes@montshire.org) at the museum.


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