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TLC Homecare & Nursing is offering 2 weeks of free training to people who'd like to enter the home healthcare field. Participants will be paid. 

National statistics show the majority of seniors desire to stay at home rather than move to a nursing home, but statistics also show a critical shortage of qualified caregivers. TLC tells us that its hope is to bring on team-oriented people with a desire to help change these statistics.  

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TLC advises that the ideal candidate to undergo the training has a solid work history (does not need to be in the healthcare field), excellent references, the ability to pass extensive background checks and a strong desire to work in their local communities to provide home care assistance to seniors.

The program is structured so candidates learn the basics of caregiving in classes designed to run six, full days. Once they pass the course, trainees will spend some time shadowing TLC's existing caregivers before starting shifts on their own. Not only is the class free, but the trainees are paid for attending. The next program session begins on September 10.

The program is comprised of several sections which cover a very broad range of topics.  Here are some of the topics that are covered:

·        Home Care and the healthcare system

·        The home health aide and care team

·        Legal and ethical issues

·        Communication and cultural diversity

·        Preventing infection

·        Safety and Body Mechanics

·        Emergency care and disaster preparation

·        Human needs and Development

·        The healthy human body

·        Common chronic and acute conditions

·        Positioning transfers and ambulation

·        Personal Care Skills

·        Basic nursing skills

·        Medications and technology in home care

·        Rehab and restorative care

·        Clients with disabilities

·        Mental health and mental illness

·        Caring for your career and yourself

TLC plans to run these classes quarterly through 2019. The current schedule reflects classes in September and December of 2018 and March, June, September and December of 2019.

As a side note, for those that are already a “PCA” and desire to increase their skill level to that of an LNA (Licensed Nursing Assistant), TLC offers LNA classes as well.

If you are interested, call call or email TLC today: (603) 678-4950 or tina@tlcnursing.com.

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