Worth Knowing: New company hoping to increase game night activity launches in Enfield

When it rains, it pours. Kind of. Yesterday Worth Knowing put up a post about a new locally based company that will sell barbecue sauces and nonesuch on-line. Well today we learned about another locally based on-line company.

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Ian C. Struckhoff was born at the old Mary Hitchcock hospital site in Hanover and grew up living in Enfield and Hanover before moving away to Boston. Struckhoff is now 40 and he moved back to Enfield earlier this summer to launch a company called The Fourth Place. He hopes The Fourth Place will help create more places in the Upper Valley and beyond where geeks can feel comfortable. Those are his words.

So what's this about? What does The Fourth Place mean anyway? Struckhoff explained: Just about everyone has a First Place and a Second Place - where your home is and where you work. Many people also have a Third Place. Think the friendly neighborhood bar in the TV series Cheers. Struckhoff's childhood Third Place was the back rooms of a Town Library he worked in when he was a teenager. The Third Place is a place other than your home or workplace where you feel comfortable. A Fourth Place is yet another place where you can feel a sense of belonging that may be a little less traditional than a First, Second or Third Place. Struckhoff's goal is to help create more Fourth Places for people who like to game. He affectionately refers to these people as geeks. 

And how will Struckhoff's company do this? Struckhoff wants to make it easier for local businesses to create places or host events where gamers can come and play games and non-gamers can see how much fun the gamers are having and, thus, maybe join them. There are companies that help bars host trivia nights by providing them with the format and materials for trivia nights, and Struckhoff wants to do this for businesses that will sponsor gaming events. Struckhoff will select games he personally approves of and "kit" them out, which means laminating cards, putting protective sleeves on fragile parts, etc. Basically, kitting them out basically means taking measures to ensure that games pieces aren't compromised or destroyed by frequent use. He has trademarked the name "Game Night Ready" to describe the process he uses to prepare games for wider use, e.g. used in a commercial setting like a bar versus a game that 's just played at home. 

A game that's been made "Ready" by The Fourth Place

Another product Struckhoff is releasing is Game Night in a Bag. He's working with a company that manufactures various types of bags and will ultimately sell collections of 7 games that have all been "kitted" for vigorous use. Stating the obvious, they'll be sold in a bag. 

Game Night in a Bag

Struckhoff is just launching The Fourth Place. In the next few weeks, he plans to start approaching local businesses to encourage them to purchase Game Night Ready and Game Night in a Bag products and various product enhancement programs The Fourth Place will offer. He also hopes to solicit interest nationwide with a campaign that will kick off soon. 

Ian C, Struckhoff

If you'd like to learn more about The Fourth Place, go to the website

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