Plum Pastries at Lou's. But Get 'Em Quick!

I was walking down Main Street in Hanover today, and this sign outside Lou's caught my eye. Tell me it wouldn't have caught yours, too.

So yes, I swerved. I'm glad no hapless college-visiting family was in the way.

Zwetschkenkuchen (you'll also see it as zwetschgenkuchen) is a German or Austrian pastry. It's got a moist, flavorful yeast dough made from butter, milk and egg yolks. But the star is plums. When they're in season.

Which happens to be now. For about three weeks a year, Lou's offers Zwetschkenkuchen, and when the plums are done, Lou's is done. Jaime Reyes, who's the guy who actually makes it for Lou's, figures it'll be around for two more weeks. "Mid-September," he says.

Jaime Reyes, the man behind the zwetschkenkuchen.

I'm now a fan. This is a plum-forward dessert, and though you'll also find a rich sweetness with just the right overtone of cinnamon, the whole thing is suffused with the kind of plumminess we've been waiting all summer for. Get there now, people! And oh...

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