Let's show the 'Before I die' kiosk a little love

I stopped by the 'Before I die ...' kiosk outside Dan & Whit's this morning -- I can't help it, I'm drawn there every time I walk the downtown -- and I have to say, I was a little disheartened. 

Two of the three chalk-holder bins had trash in them.

The chalk stubs were so small that grasping one would be a dexterity test.

And the messages on the kiosk were spare.

Now: It had just rained. It was early. And I'm sure its caretakers will tidy up and replenish the chalk bins in time. 

But I was left wondering whether, after a good summer run, it might be time to relocate it. (It's on loan in Norwich; its permanent home is outside Gifford Medical Center in Randolph.) 

What I like about the kiosk is the question it invites us all to ask: What matters to me, really?

The answers are always a mix of the playful, personal and occasionally inappropriate. But here are four from this morning that I appreciated:

  • Finish my gosh darn bathroom.
  • Enjoy Halifax.
  • Be on Broadway.
  • Find a gay man who truly loves me.

So: What's your dream today?


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