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Mark Travis

I noticed John Farrell's post on the Norwich list yesterday about killing weeds without doing harm, and I liked it. I'm a big fan of people who think small -- not as in small-minded, of course, but as in concrete, tangible, immediate. 

"STOP USING ROUNDUP," his post declared. "We all hate 'weeds' especially in our gardens. But why use chemicals such as Round Up that is a known carcinogen? Here is a BETTER organic solution:

"Mix together 1 gallon of white vinegar, 2 cups Epsom salt and 1/4 cup dish detergent. Shake well, put in a spray bottle and spray it on the unwanted weeds in the AM after dew is off the weeds. By evening the plant will be brown and dying."

I agree with John. My wife and I have tried a formula much like this one. It really works. And it's a better way of getting rid of weeds while being green than this ...

I mean, sure. You could try it.

Anyway, I figured the homemade weed killer couldn't be John's only way of making a small difference. I emailed him to ask for another tip.

"I used to drive to W. Lebanon early on Sunday mornings to do my laundry at the laundromat," he answered. "I have stopped doing that as it was a waste of gas, time, and quarters.

"I built a clothesline in my backyard, and let the sun dry my laundry eliminating the drive, wasted gas, quarters and time.

"I often think about all the people who are energy conscious utilizing solar, riding bikes, taking public transportation BUT still use electricity to dry their clothes. Kinda an oxymoron."

There you have it. Food for thought, from a think-small philosopher ... with an edge.

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