First charges filed over Hartford woman who was pulled from her home and beaten on her lawn

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WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A Lebanon woman has been charged and another woman is being sought for questioning in connection with the vicious beating of a Hartford woman that took place over the weekend.

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    Kacey Grizzaffi, 21, pleaded innocent this week to felony counts of acting as an accessory to aggravated assault with serious bodily injury and home invasion as well as an accompanying misdemeanor count of aggravated disorderly conduct, charges which together carry a maximum potential penalty of up to 40 years in prison.

    Witnesses told police that the assault against Jessica Palermo took place around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning after Grizzaffi and Tori Caron, 19, showed up at Palermo’s residence on Route 14 in Hartford, ostensibly to retrieve a child’s car seat which had been left there earlier.

    Palermo later told police that the women began to loudly accuse her of sleeping with “Grizzaffi’s baby father” and then the pair “entered the enclosed porch and began to drag her out by her hair and clothing,” according to an affidavit prepared by Hartford Police Officer Eric Clifford which was filed with the court.

    Palermo, who is 37, told the teenager that she “was not going to fight her due to the age difference” at which point Caron allegedly struck Palermo in the face, knocking her to the ground before repeatedly striking her in the face, Officer Clifford wrote, adding that when he asked Palermo to describe the pain she experienced on a scale of 1-to-10 she replied “15.”

    Clifford noted that when he first met with Palermo at the police station following the assault she was “lying down on a set of chairs in the lobby, nearly in a fetal position, holding her face.  She appeared to be in a great amount of pain.”

    Police photos included with the court filing that were taken before Palermo was treated by an ambulance crew show her with a markedly swollen face and lips, with her blackened left eye swollen nearly shut.

    “Palermo reported that as she laid on the ground she had blood pouring down her face onto her clothing and the grass (and she and another witness said) that Caron and Grizzaffi" returned "after the assault and cut away part of the lawn that had blood it and took it in an attempt to cover up the assault,” Clifford wrote.

    Witnesses at the scene told police that Grizzaffi recorded the alleged attack by Caron upon Palermo with her cellphone and made statements about planning to post the video on social media; however, Clifford wrote that when police interviewed Grizzaffi she claimed Caron had been the one recording the assault with her own phone.

    “Grizzaffi advised she had no part in the assault and completed a sworn written statement,” implicating Caron in the beating, Clifford wrote.

    As of Thursday morning Caron had not been arrested or charged with any wrongdoing but Hartford Police were still seeking to locate Caron in order to interview her about her alleged role in the incident.

    Police noted that Grizzaffi currently has a New Hampshire bail order in place which orders her to remain away from the man who was allegedly the focus of the ill will between the women because Grizzaffi allegedly had assaulted him during a previous domestic violence incident for which she was also charged with criminal threatening.  Grizzaffi was convicted of simple assault in New Hampshire last year and the year before.

Kacey Grizzaffi, 21, (left) with defense attorney Rachel Thompson in court this week where Grizzaffi was released on pre-trial conditions

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