John Lubin is on a quest for Norwich Elementary photos from his past ... and he's in this one

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John Lubin lives in Lexington, Mass., now, but he has fond memories of his years at Norwich Elementary School and is eager to share class photos from those days with his young daughter. The trouble is that he's only got two class photos, and he can't find more. It's not for lack of effort. 

"I have scoured items at both Marion Cross, Norwich Historical Society, and the local libraries (as well as asked a few old classmates) -- but so far nothing," he wrote in a post to the Norwich list this morning. He tried the list once before as well, some time back, with no luck.

Lubin attended Norwich Elementary from 1968 to 1973. The connections between now and then are striking. 

"Marion Cross was the  principal then," he wrote me by email. Of course, the school now bears her name. "Her last year was my last year. John Girard, who died recently, was one of the star teachers in those days -- as he was for several decades to follow. Mr. Girard, as we called him then, was also my first coach for baseball and soccer." 

Lubin's daughter is in the fourth grade now herself, so it's terrific that one of the class photos he has is from his fourth-grade year. He's the handsome young fellow in the lower left corner.

Interestingly, he's not in his own second-grade class picture. "Apparently I missed photo day that year," he wrote me.

"I remember almost everyone in those photos," he added.

Lubin is still after photos for second grade (1968-69), third grade (1969-70), fifth grade (1971-72), or sixth grade (1972-73). There were two classes in each grade, by the way.

If you've got one, he'd love to hear from you. He's just looking to make a copy. He can be reached by email at or phone: 781-861-6675.


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