Local Sculptor Herb Ferris’s Work Arrives At DHMC

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UPDATE: Ferris will be speaking at DHMC on Friday, September 7 at 10:00 a.m in Auditorium A, after which his sculpture can be viewed.

Herb Ferris’s sculpture may be good for what ails you, or may be simply a soulful, grace-filled work recently installed on the DHMC campus in Lebanon NH. “Not One, Not Two” is located between the medical center’s North Entrance and the children’s playground. 

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Marianne Barthel, DHMC’s Arts Program Coordinator, had been “wanting to expand our outdoor sculpture collection for many reasons, but particularly so that patients can see things out their windows.” Ferris’s work can be viewed by patients in the West Tower and, Barthel reports, even from the employee parking lot of the Jack Byrne Center for Palliative and Hospice Care. (I tried, and failed, but that was before I knew what to look for.) Visitors, patients and staff can get a close-up look via a walking path. 

"Not One, Not Two" consists of two tall tapered columns with hollowed, golden centers, placed as though in wordless conversation with one another.

DHMC has 8 art galleries with rotating exhibitions. Art works displayed there are generally for sale; DHMC is entitled to keep 25% of sale proceeds. The new Ferris sculpture was purchased with some of those proceeds along with an assist from the Gertrude Mertens Art Fund. 

Herb Ferris is a local artist from Windsor VT. His sculptures of wood and stone appear in gardens and other public spaces throughout the United States and Canada.

(Photos top and center by Susan B. Apel, bottom photo courtesy of DHMC)


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