Worth Knowing: New computer repair business coming in the fall

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Justin McCoart owned and operated Up and Running Computer Services at 10 Central Street in Woodstock for 6 years. Because of issues with the location - including a dearth of parking spots - Justin is planning to relocate his business to West Lebanon in the fall. McCoart will call the new business Up and Running Information Technology (UARIT).

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When UARIT opens, it will offer all sorts of basic computer hardware and software support. McCoart is adamant that UARIT is going to offer repair services, not replacement services. If you want to replace your computer equipment, he says, you can go to Best Buy. He'd rather work with you to repair what you already own. (He jokes about maybe naming the business Not the Geek Squad.) UARIT will also offer consulting services, such as training people how to use the hardware and software they have, and UARIT will offer some flat rate services -  for example, for wiping a drive or getting rid of viruses. Finally, customers will be able to purchase small computer accessory items like thumb drives and cables.

McCoart has signed a lease on some space and he's getting it ready now. He plans to hire a technology services expert and a business manager. He hopes to open in October or November. We'll let you know when he's ready for your business.

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