What's ahead on Beaver Meadow Road: More repairs!

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Mark Travis

As inconvenient as the repairs along Beaver Meadow Road in Norwich may be, there's this to consider as you navigate them: They're essential. And there's a third spot awaiting attention.

Town Manager Herb Durfee said that the less disruptive work, near Huntley Meadow, should be completed in two to three weeks. He wasn't sure of the timing on the more disruptive repairs, up the road where timed lights control traffic that's reduced to one lane.

But once that work is done, he said, plans still call for moving still farther up the road, beyond Parcel 5, where travel is also reduced to one lane, but controlled only by flashing yellow lights on orange barrels. That means the timed lights will move too.

The goal remains getting all the work done this construction season, which could mean into late fall.

When I asked Durfee if the damage at the third spot was apparent, he said, "Oh yeah." So I drove up for a look -- and it is. The runoff in the July 1 deluge rushed across the road, carrying a portion of pavement, a fair amount of embankment, and apparently even a concrete barrier or two and orange safety cones along with it. The Charles Brown Brook, which yesterday was a mere murmur of running water below, must have been raging.

By the way, I managed to hit the red light both ways, coming and going. Following my own advice, I took a deep breath and admired the greenery.


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