This haze over Hartford? Could be more than just heat and humidity

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Tom Haushalter

On such a sweltering day as this, you would almost expect the air to look like pea soup. This morning, walking the bridge across the White River into the village, to the east the haze was thick.

But a haze in the far-off distance, in fact, has been hanging there for days, even before this little heat wave began. There's more than likely another reason for it.

Last week, the Boston Globe reported on the visibility of smoke in our New England atmosphere. Meteorologists attribute it to smoke that has traveled here on an easterly jet stream all the way from the West coast, where the massive wildfires in northern California have been raging for a month. 

Known as the Mendocino complex fire, it's now the largest fire in California's history, having already destroyed over 459,000 acres as it continues to be contained. The fire has sent huge plumes of smoke billowing across North America over the past few weeks, impacting air quality with regards to both breathability and visibility.

Last Saturday (8/25), early afternoon, here was the milky view of Mount Ascutney from Cornish:

Have you noticed the smoky haze, too? Is it worse at higher elevations? Let us know!


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