We ALL have music in our soul!

No matter your age- LIVE music is for YOU!

Make Music Today!

LIVE Music performance is not just for those around us who are fantastic. It is fun to drink in the expertise of the great masters, but music is deep within the soul of each of us. 

Many of us have instruments tucked away back in a closet from when we were young. Dust it off and practice a little! Join with someone else and share your love with a bit larger audience. 

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If you don’t play an instrument, you can sing along to music produced by  others, or sing a Capella. Raise your voice in song! Walk around the office singing a tune!

We can ALL take part in LIVE music. It lifts our spirits and can heal our hearts. Yes, even I take part in the LIVE music events. I make many, many mistakes AND I am nervous as anything; but I want LIVE music in my life! I do not need to be perfect!!! I just need to be real. Music is in ALL of us. Let it out and allow it to flow. 

Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote while listening to two of my favorite local musicians:

Jim & Woody

Come, let the music wash over me

Controling thoughts and setting free

Pull me down to the pulse of its beat

Obliderate sorrow, I dare not meet. 

The sounds, the tamber adjusts with each note.

Instruments meet and purposely float

Blending and lifting, struggling free

In a marriage of voices, cocaphony.

Drown out my thoughts and force my eyes closed.

Intoxicate and push to transpose.

Chaos relaxes, in tears I let go

Reverberate in echoes, that push them to flow.

The outside world matters not any more

The music, the music is all I am for.

Hidden beneath and covered so thick

My only reality is in the music.  

Make Music TODAY!


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