New Bus

New Buses arrive at the AT (Advance Transit that is)

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These are state of the art

Recently I took the Advance Transit (Brown route) from Norwich to Hanover.  My plan was to take the bus to the Hanover Inn and go to Lou's for breakfast. I was going to walk back to Norwich. While on the Bus,  I took some photos of the new Bus and spoke to the passengers about their experiences commuting with Advance Transit.

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Check out the video: 

I noticed it was a brand new Bus and thought it would be a good idea to do a story on the Bus fleet. I reached out to Advance Transit for information on their Buses. They provided me with the statistics.
Here are two links to help you understand the challenges and opportunities for the Bus company and also to view the statistics on it's Bus fleet.


Here are some photos of the Bus that I took on my journey.

She is a beauty

And she can still carry bikes

Inside look at the back of the bus


Left side view on front of bus



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