If it isn't sustainable, it is questionable.

Diet fads, crazy workouts, special supplements, all in the name of losing weight. Bit are they worth it?

These days it is tough to stand in a check-out line without seeing at least FIVE magazine covers with articles promising to help you "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days," or "Get rid of bad belly fat while you sleep," or "These four exercises are ALL YOU NEED to get shredded!" Really? Have we as society become so desperate for a quick fix to a ( more often than not) self-induced condition that we are willing to believe such claims by modern day snake oil salesmen? I hope not, but I think that's exactly what has happened.

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CAN you lose weight these ways? Sure! Will Paleo/Keto/Atkins/Nutrisystem/Weight Watchers etc. etc. work? Of course! Here's another one that will work for losing weight that you don't need to pay me for: eat only three Snickers bars every day for a month and walk 3 hours per day while you watch the weight melt away.  Sound crazy? It WILL (likely) give you weight loss results, but is it SUSTAINABLE? No.

Same with products like P90-X (for example). In your enthusiasm to lose the weight, you will no doubt be able to carve out 90 minutes a day for a few months to get results. But then what? Can you keep that up indefinitely? Is that type of intensity SUSTAINABLE? Likely not, unless you are single. But then, if you are, isn't NOT being single part of the reason to use P90-X? 

What are we to do, then, those of us looking to move down on the BMI scale, reduce health risk factors, and just be generally healthier? Experiment a little. Instead of making drastic changes to food or exercise (calories in and out), pick something small that you can change, and SUSTAIN.

Like what? Well, if you drink a bottle of soda every day, try cutting down to one every other day. If you are mostly sedentary, try adding in a 5 minute walk once or twice a day. These two are sustainable.

Will they give you instant, drastic results? No. But they WILL give you SUSTAINABLE results. And when you've mastered these changes, you can make a few more. Unhealthy habits will fall like dominoes. But that's a topic for a different post.

I've decided to reduce my ice cream intake to only be one serving on Saturday, rather than Weds-Sun. And I am going to walk up and down the stairs at work twice before I eat lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What are some changes that you can make today? Hit me up in the comments. Let's share some SUSTAINABLE, not questionable, healthy habits!


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