This heatwave is going to stick around. The Hartford FD shares safety tips

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Tom Haushalter

The Town of Hartford Fire Department wants everyone—not just folks from Hartford—to play it safe during this late-summer heat spell, which looks to be carrying through at least Wednesday.

In a Facebook post, the Hartford FD notes that we're all at greater risk of heat-related illness, even death, when the temps exceed 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Older adults, children, those with chronic illness, or who spend a lot of time outdoors are among the most vulnerable during hot weather.

There are three easy ways to prevent heat stroke: rest, shade, and water.

And more specifically:

  • Reduce outdoor activity during the hottest part of the day
  • Stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol and caffeine if possible
  • Wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothes
  • Seek relief in air-conditioned spaces or other cool and shady places
  • Keep your house cool by using shades, windows, fans, and avoiding use of oven/stove
  • Never leave children, adults with disabilities, or pets in a parked vehicle
  • Learn the signs and symptoms of heat illnesses and basic first aid responses
  • Check in on neighbors and loved ones, especially those living alone
  • Stay informed by tuning in to weather, news, and emergency messaging


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