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Like to Eat Well Outdoors? Don't Like to Sit Still? Check Out the 2018 Tour de Taste!

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Will you think less of me if I tell you the first thing I noticed about the promotion for this year's Tour de Taste was the list of restaurants and food providers? 

A moment's background. The event's full name is the "Tour de Taste - A Pedaling Picnic." It's an annual fundraiser for the Upper Valley Trails Alliance, which does hugely good work making it possible for those of us who live here to enjoy a big part of what makes living here so fantastic -- the outdoors. The 2018 version will be on Sunday, September 9.

The Tour de Taste is actually three pedaling picnics. There's a short, 6-mile loop around Lake Morey. There's a medium, 21-mile loop that takes you along a part of what local bicyclists call the "Five & Dime" -- a stretch of Route 5 in Vermont and Route 10 in New Hampshire (in this case, through North and East Thetford, over to Lyme, up to Orford, and back over to Fairlee, where the event starts). And finally, there's a 31-mile ride that's the same idea, just longer. 

Along the way, there are stops. And at each of these stops, one of the providers offers really tempting things to eat. So you bike along for a while, enjoying the views, and then you stop to eat for a bit. And then bike. And then eat. And then bike some more.... You get the idea. I can tell you from experience that each time you stop, there's a little tingle of anticipation -- because really, you have no idea what you're going to find, except that it's going to be good.

Okay. Sorry. Here's the list: 

Carpenter and MainBase Camp CafeKing Arthur FlourTensen FarmThe Lyme InnThe Local BuzzAriana's RestaurantLou's BakeryTrailbreak Taps & TacosStrafford Organic CreameryBolocoThe Skinny Pancake, Riverview FarmGarfield's SmokehousePoverty Lane OrchardsThistle Hill Farm, Blue Sparrow Kitchen, Co.

You'd have to do all three different rides to hit them all -- not out of the question, but a little extreme, don't you think? Still, where else are you going to find such a great collection of Upper Valley food mainstays in a single bike ride?

You'll find tickets here. Enjoy it!


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