Local Garlic Arrives!

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It's not like garlic is hard to grow. You put it in the ground in the fall and mostly it just minds its own business until suddenly, one day, there's a little green shoot poking through the straw. Still, there's no guarantee that when you pull it up you're going to see large bulbs dangling at the other end of the stalk. And of course there are plenty of people who love garlic but don't plant their own.

So if you've been waiting for some pungency and freshness to arrive, this is your moment. Local garlic is pouring into the stores. It's been harvested, dried, cleaned up and made...not just presentable, but beautiful. And now it's ready for your kitchen counter or wherever you keep it to hand.

If you're looking for it, the Co-ops have it. Edgewater FarmLuna Bleu Farm and other local farms are filling their bushel baskets with it. You'll also find it at any farmer's market -- where, if the mood strikes, you can pick up "seed" garlic to plant yourself a bit down the road. 


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