Worth Knowing: People are still talking about bears in Hanover

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Even though N.H. Fish & Game "solved" the family of bears that was living near Mink Brook this spring (see previous story) by relocating them, people in Hanover are still talking about bears. On Sunday a post to the Upper Valley Listserv asked if anyone else in the Trescott Road neighborhood of Hanover had had bear visitors recently. The poster noted that a bear had ripped the lattice off a shed and dragged a garbage can 100 yards into the woods. This poster was querying aloud whether to contact N.H. Fish & Game.

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A thoughtful replier advised the poster to do a better job of securing the family's garbage since wooden latticework is not enough to deter a hungry black bear from a meal. The replier also noted that this bear was behaving perfectly naturally and shouldn't be viewed as a problem. He discouraged the posted from contacting N.H. Fish & Game.

Seems like really good advice. 

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