Polly, this writer’s current foster companion, who can easily put down the tennis ball and chill with me while I blog

The Temp: Perky Little Polly

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Kerry Krieger Clifford

Meet Polly. She's about 12 pounds of sheer joy, and optimism. Ever vigilant, unless her person is RIGHT beside her, she's always going to look out for you. 

Polly came to Vermont from South Carolina with her brother, Panda. Panda was adopted, renamed Charlie, and is now the king of my best friend's household. Polly's luck with her first adopter wasn't as good. She's a puppy, and they just weren't prepared for what that meant. Through no fault of her own, she was returned. 

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Now back in her original foster home, she's progressing on potty training, exploring her world, and sleeping peacefully at night in her crate. She's a far less yappy dog than one might expect for a puppy her size, but she does make herself heard when the occasion calls for it. 

"How is she with cats?" you might ask. I'm going to be frank with you here. My two cats hate her and haven't come downstairs of their own volition since she was returned to us. A more dog-savvy feline might put her in her place and move on, but mine are too skittish, and really not interested in "getting used to her."

"Got it. Dog-savvy cats only. What about Moxie? How does she do with Moxie?" Another great question. Moxie is the put-upon big sister here. Polly prances around her, kissing her growling face, and presenting her with all of her favorite toys. Moxie seems to hold her breath and will the puppy away. Occasionally, when she's truly had enough, she snaps her displeasure, at which point Polly pees and backs away. It's really quite a show. 

One of these days, Polly believes, Moxie will come around and play.

Does your circus need another monkey? Do Polly's sweet brown eyes and alert, pointy ears call to you? Do you feel like it's time to invite this bundle of joy into your world? Contact Potter's Angels to inquire and fill out an application! Seriously, my cats are begging for your help here...

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