Where have all the AdvantEdge card gas stations gone?

Submitted 4 months ago
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Tom Haushalter

It used to be, gas stations that accepted the PriceChopper AdvantEdge card were everywhere. Or is that just my imagination?

Take, for instance, the Cumberland Farms in Windsor. Before its top-to-bottom renovation a couple years ago, they had Sunoco tanks that let me redeem my sweet, sweet fuel rewards. But now it's all Cumby-branded fuel. AdvantEdge not at all.

Has this happened in your town, too?

As far as I know, Bob's Service Center in White River Junction is one of the last places to accept the AdvantEdge card around here.

Do us (or at least me) a favor and comment on what other gas stations in the Upper Valley are still good for the AdvantEdge. I got 20 cents a gallon to cash in on!

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