In Restaurant Job Listings, It's About More Than the Job These Days. But If You're Looking for a Job, Here's One...

It's no secret that Upper Valley businesses at the lower end of the wage scale are having trouble finding workers. And it's not just the Upper Valley. "For the first time since data began to be collected in 2000, there are more job openings than there are unemployed workers," The Economist wrote last month.

Which may be one reason that job listings -- especially for restaurants -- are no longer really about the job. They're about the lifestyle. You're not just holding down a gig -- you're making a statement.

Do you want to spread the local food love and join a team of awesome humans? Are you yourself an awesome human? Do you love local? Well it's decided - you should work with us!

That's The Skinny Pancake in Hanover, which is looking for servers, hosts and bussers (before you blister the comments section, yes, it's also spelled "buser," and both seem to be acceptable).

Of course, they want people who are going to fit in and rub customers the right way:

"Upbeat & positive (aka a fun ray of sunshine)"

"Dedicated, honest & professional"

"Warm & friendly (like a kitten, but a badass coffee-making kitten)"

Also, passionate, energetic, and definitely fun.

But they're also looking for people who want to join a cause: "Our Mission is simple: Love Local. We work diligently and collaboratively in pursuit of this mission. Please join us as we spread our Skinny love to the Upper Valley one guest at a time." 

For more details and the skinny on benefits go to:

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