Want a burn permit? Not Tuesday in Norwich

Submitted 3 months ago
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Mark Travis

If you're a Norwich resident with a brush pile, the place to check before calling to get a burn permit is the department's Twitter page. You don't need a Twitter account to see it. And you're not going to be burning Tuesday, if that's what you had in mind. 

If you went to the Twitter page today, Monday, you'd find that no permits were being issued either today or tomorrow due to "extremely high temperatures."

You'd also find a little friendly advice and encouragement:

1.) Hydrate. "Cooler temperatures to arrive on Thursday!"

2.) When you do burn, don't burn wild parsnip, with its yellow flowers that might remind you of Queen Anne's Lace. A nasty queen, that is. Its sap causes burns to the skin in the presence of sunlight, of which we're having a lot.

But when weather permits, here's what's involved in getting a permit and burning that pile.


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